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  • Ghostly Profound: A Thing of Unknowable Depth Chiori Miyagawa
    I have been terrified to even put down the word 幽玄. I had to ask Google to write these characters for me. According to Google Translate, yugen means “subtle and profound.” Looking at the unfamiliar characters, I would have guessed “ghostly.” For the first time in decades, I looked for the Japanese dictionary that I brought with me when I left Japan alone at age sixteen.
  • Upon Mine Honor: Shakespeare Through the Lens of a Military Veteran Stephan Wolfert
    Our modern military and Shakespeare's plays are both infused with honor—a powerful tool in recruiting and building camaraderie. But what exactly is honor?
  • The Commoners Occupy Teatro Valle in Rome David Bollier
    The three-year occupation of Teatro Valle in Rome is now legendary: a spontaneous response to the failures of conventional government in supporting a venerated public theater, and the conversion of the theater into a commons by countless ordinary citizens. Now the mayor of Rome is threatening to end the occupation, evict the commoners, and privatize the management of the facility.
  • A Millennial Crossing Generational Borders Maya Malan-Gonzalez
    As new generations try to tackle the beast of American theater, we must face the weight and complexity of our collective history, and learn to compromise with our elders. I have not felt the oppression and the struggles that the veteranos have, therefore I cannot understand the freedom as they might.
  • A More Equal Theater Armando Huipe
    This tidal change in demographics is a drastically different environment for nurturing allyship than that of the LGBT community. Deeper intercultural relationships will dictate the meaningfulness of exacting the same demographic shifts in our organizations.
  • Cultivating Artistic Curiosity Lisa Portes
    Artistic curiosity is an interactive discipline. It requires the deliberate practice of moving beyond the comfort of recognition towards the startling and unforeseen. I wonder if the creation of a twenty-first century polycultural American theater might begin more organically with curiosity. What are you making? What am I making? What might we make?
  • Crossing Borders: A Tijuana Encuentro Olga Sanchez
    Our journey across the border provided personal encounters, self-reflection, inspiration, challenges, and nourishment.
  • Livestreaming Bay Area Playwrights Festival (#BAPF) Panels—Fri, July 25-Sun, July 27 HowlRound TV
    Playwrights Foundation in San Francisco presents four panels at the 37th Annual Bay Area Playwrights Festival livestreaming on the global, commons based, peer-produced HowlRound TV network at Friday, July 25 to Sunday, July 27. The Bay Area Playwrights Festival gives voice to emerging and veteran playwrights who are pushing boundaries and have the potential to shape the future of American theater and culture. Past alumni include: Sam Shepard, Liz Duffy Adams, Katori Hall, Marcus Gardley, Annie Baker, Christopher Chen and Aaron Loeb. In Twitter, use #BAPF & #newplay.
  • Suzan-Lori Parks livestreams Watch Me Work—Wed, July 23 HowlRound TV
    You’re invited to join Suzan-Lori Parks from the lobby of The Public Theater in New York City for "Watch Me Work" which is livestreaming for the global, commons-based peer produced HowlRound TV network at This performance in this season-long series happens on Wednesday, July 23 at 2pm PDT (Vancouver) / 4pm CDT (Austin) / 5pm EDT (Toronto) / 21:00 GMT / 10pm BST (London). To participate on Twitter, use hashtag #newplay and direct your questions to @WatchMeWorkSLP. Additionally, follow @HowlRoundTV for updates.
  • Welcome to the New Café Onda! Georgina Escobar
    We are committed to providing a safe, crowd-sourced space for online dialogue and discussions around the topic of Latina/o theater. As the definitions of Latinidad and Latina/o theater continue to shift and evolve, so will Café Onda / Nos dedicaremos a proveer un espacio positivo, creado de opiniones publicas donde las conversaciones acerca de los temas de el teatro Latino/a puedan florecer. Así como es cambiante e indefinida la identificación académica y artística de lo que es Latinidad y el teatro que lo representa, así también Café Onda será siempre cambiante y evolucionará en forma colectiva.