Journalin-depth stories

  • A Borderless Future Luis Alfaro
    It has been fifteen years since I have gone to a TCG conference. I always liked them, but for this playwright of color, they were always lonely affairs. This used to be a conference mostly for artistic directors (missing in woefully obvious numbers this year) and staff from theaters. One could count the artists and people of color on one hand back then... What happened?
  • Protecting, Distributing, and Monetizing Your Work Online Sean Patrick Flahaven
    The #RightsWeek Series on HowlRound: What is the state of intellectual property? What are the rights of theatre artists and new work? In this series, Samuel French, Inc. asked four professionals in the theater industry to share their thoughts on this subject. (Please note that the presented opinions are those of the author, and do not necessarily represent those of Samuel French.)

NewCritcriticism & analysis

  • end of play/7: Gender Stereotypes and Their Subversion Alice Stanley
    The humorous satire on masculinity is just one stop on the wild ride of gender exploration, narcissism, and longing in Chris Danowski’s "end of play/7".
  • Generation Y Feminism at Teatro Luna Dani Snyder-Young
    "Generation Sex" was directed by Alexandra Meda and developed by a team lead by Abigail Vega over a seventeen-month process of workshops in cities and on university campuses across the country. It is an episodic auto- and ethno-biographic collage, utilizing a wide range of performance styles from satire and musical theater to modern dance and slam poetry to examine sex, feminism, technology, and love.

Blognews, trends, insights

  • Cultivating Artistic Curiosity Lisa Portes
    Artistic curiosity is an interactive discipline. It requires the deliberate practice of moving beyond the comfort of recognition towards the startling and unforeseen. I wonder if the creation of a twenty-first century polycultural American theater might begin more organically with curiosity. What are you making? What am I making? What might we make?
  • Crossing Borders: A Tijuana Encuentro Olga Sanchez
    Our journey across the border provided personal encounters, self-reflection, inspiration, challenges, and nourishment.

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